Duval Guillaume does it again

The Belgian communications agency Duval Guillaume Modern has managed to draw attention to one of its videos once more. This time, Febelfin (the Belgian federation for the financial sector), asked Duval Guillaume to create a campaign to make people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online, and by doing so, urged everybody to be vigilant. 

The result can be seen below:

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An original way to find a marketing job: letting your business cards travel

After not finding a job because of the crisis, the Belgian marketer Michiel Das created three business cards and a website where visitors can see how they travel around the world.

El viaje de mi tarjeta | Michiel Das
Front of the business card
Back of the business card
Back of the business card

The project started when Michiel Das saw a funny business card that was being shared on Facebook by lots of people, and remembered the theory of six degrees of separation (every person in the world is connected with everyone else through six contacts). Inspired by these two facts, he decided to create three business cards and gave them to his contacts, asking them to pass it on to their contacts as well, with the idea that one of their six contacts perhaps knew someone that was looking for a Marketing or Communications Manager.

On the Tumblr website elviajedemitarjeta.com, which he specifically created for the project, he started informing his followers about the latest news of each business card, even including a small map where visitors can follow where his business card are located at each moment.

He started the project by contacting three people with very different profiles (a taxi driver very interested in 2.0 applications, a young entrepreneur, and a business man with lots of professional experience), all of which were very interested in forming part of the project. As a way of saying thanks to the participants, Michiel also publishes a small article on his website about each person that receives the business card.

The three business cards started their journey in Sant Cugat del Vallès, a city located at a few kilometres from Barcelona, and from there they began travelling through the province of Barcelona. One business card already left the province, although Michiel is particulary interested in keeping the business cards in Barcelona, which is where he hopes to find a job. Nevertheless, he also admits to be intrigued to find out how far his business cards will travel.

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Gimicc will be present at the Biz Barcelona fair

Gimicc @ Biz Barcelona

will be present at the Biz Barcelona fair that is taking place on the 13th and 14th of June at the Congress Palace of the Fira de Barcelona.

Biz Barcelona is an annual event that brings together the solutions for the creation, growth and internationalization of enterprises and business projects. During two days the event unites entrepreneurs with companies that search to grow their business, and investors seeking new business ideas or interesting franchises opportunities.

More information about the fair can also be found on http://www.bizbarcelona.com/

Gimicc @ Biz Barcelona

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Social Networks Guide (summary)

Zoom Social Networks

The website CMO.com has published their Guide To The Social Landscape some time ago,  offering its readers a concise summary of the most important social networks nowadays, including Pinterest SlideShare, and Google+.

This is a very useful summary of the pros and cons of the different social networks, and can be a very interesting resource for both brands and marketers. An interactive version of the summary can be found on CMO.com’s website.

Gimicc | Social Networks























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How Google searches on the internet

Google only needs half a second to return a search based on your search words, but behind the scenes there are some pretty complicated processes going on to give you the results you need. A few days ago Google launched a video that explains how their search engine actually works. Enjoy!

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This is how you launch a TV station

In order to promote the launch of the new TV channel TNT Belgium, advertising company Duval Guillaume came up with the following idea: they placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. And then they waited.

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How to escape from Facebook’s Timeline

Timeline | Gimicc

Facebook’s Timeline has recently become compulsory for everyone, but many users were not really waiting for this change and switched over at the very last moment. Enough reason for F.B. Purity to publish some tutorials online to set up your Facebook pages again without the Timeline view (except for company and group pages, where it’s not possible to switch back anymore).

The idea is simple: when designing the Timeline Facebook did not take into account Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, so by just “disguising” your browser as Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), you can easily use the familiar Facebook lay-out again. The only thing you need to do is install a piece of code (a .bat file), save it locally, and install the software of www.fbpurity.com to make sure that everything is graphically in place.

More information can also be found here.

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Facebook check-in changes for pages

Facebook | Gimicc

Facebook has changed its check-in policy for pages yesterday, a mesure that will most certainly drop Facebook page numbers. The reason why Facebook is implementing this change is to avoid people from checking in various times at the same place in short period of time, or as they state it: 

Previously, if an individual checked into a page multiple times, each check-in was counted into the page’s total check-in number. Now, if someone checks into a page multiple times within a 12-hour period, that action will be counted as one unique check-in. – Facebook

It’s no surprise that the check-in changes are being introduced right now, since Facebook is also installing timeline on Facebook pages starting tomorrow. 

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The importance of frustration

Today we received this video about the importance of frustration as an essential part of the creative process, since most solutions to problems come after having been exposed to some serious frustration. 

Have a happy day full of frustration :-)!

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Ready to launch!


We’ve just published our website; and in the following weeks we’ll also start publishing news and other novelties. Have a nice weekend!

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