At we offer a wide variety of services related with Social Media Marketing both for startups and small companies that wish to establish their presence on the internet and/or want to improve their visibility in social networks, but also for well-established companies that already dispose of a website and social networks but want to improve their image and/or look for other ways to interact with customers in more direct way.

Social Media Marketing | Gimicc

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing services include all the strategies that can be used to make a website more engaging for visitors, making it easier for them to share with their friends and family. Depending on each case, this can go from the creation and maintenance of: 

  • “Social hangouts” on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tuenti, Hives, or LinkedIn (interesting for the majority of companies)
  • Accounts on TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube,… (mainly for restaurants and hotels)
  • Blogs on platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, and

But also more specific marketing strategies, including: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making it easier for Google to find your website by using simple URLs, titles on every page, descriptions and tags, quality links to and from your website,  XML sitemaps,  and so on
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO), using the social networks to enhance engagement and drive visitors from the social networks to your website
  • E-mail marketing, to enhance the relationship with your current customers, and to convince new customers to try your products 
  • Organization of special offline events to increase the ‘social buzz’ in relevant social networks
  • Maintenance of Twitter and Facebook accounts for executives, politicians and other people who don’t dispose of sufficient time but wish to be present on these social networks

 Graphic design (including logo design)

Closely related to Social Media Marketing, the graphic design of a brand defines its image. In order to bring a specific message to a targeted audience, at we use a wide variety of methods to create and combine words, symbols and logos to enhance the visual representation of a message so that it is completely coherent with its marketing strategy.

Our graphich design services include:

  • Targeted logo design to make sure that customers will remember your brand in an easy way (including the design of personalized social media buttons and all the necessary images for social networks)
  • Page layout of websites, where we deal with the arrangement of the content on a page, such as deciding how to style the images and texts, the width of a page, etc.. The page layout is the most important visual part of a website, and should invite visitors to continue reading
  • Interface design, focussing on the user’s experience and interaction with the aim of making a design as simple and efficient as possible in terms of accessibility and usability. This is a very important – but often easily forgotten – aspect, since good user interface design facilitates the use of a specific website or an application
  • Visual arts design, such as artistic and high-quality photographs to give your company a professional look and feel
  • Personalized typography design, including typefaces, point size, tracking, kerning and leading

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Complete website design (fully compatible with smartphones)

Web design is the process of creating a website, thereby deciding what programming language and platform to use so that the website is fully compatible on Mac, Windows and Linux systems, and also on the latest generation of mobile phones and tablets. The website services offers include:

  • Completely personalized websites (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, etc.) built from scratch. Since completely personalized websites require a lot of programming they are mostly preffered by large companies who want very specific features, such as an own reservation system, a personalized shopping application, and so on
  • Personalized websites (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, etc.) based on, Joomla or Drupal, offering an interesting balance between ease of use, powerful features and cost efficiency
  • Semi-personalized websites (HTML and CSS) offering less extensive personalization options, but allowing users to easily and quickly “drag and drop” content into a web page without any knowledge of programming whatsoever
  • Integration of shopping cart systems such as Magento, osCommerce and WP e-commerce

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Creation of Mobile Apps (including App Store Optimization)

Mobile Apps continue to grow in importance and are causing a fundamental shift in the way people use computers and their mobile phones. A few years ago, it was necessary to go to the computer to access the internet, but now cell phones let us carry computing with us. At we understand the importance of Mobile Apps for marketing purposes, and that is why offer the following Mobile Apps services:

  • Android Application Development, one of the most popular tools for mobile app development thanks to its open source nature. Our services range from the development of mobile apps for Android mobiles, to the graphic design, testing of the application and submitting it to the Google Play Store (including optimization of the Android Market search engine)
  • iPhone and iPad Application Development, one of the most dynamic segments of the smartphone industry. Our services range from the development of mobile apps both for iPhone and iPad, to the graphic design,  testing the application, making sure it follows the Apple Developer Guidelines, and submitting it to the App Store (including optimization of the App Store search engine)

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